Introducing Kypros Satellites

Founded in Cyprus in 2006, Kypros Satellites’ mission is to manufacture, launch and operate a global fleet of high-throughput geostationary satellites. This mission is being achieved both through the development of our own projects and through joint-ventures with strategic partners.

To support our mission, Kypros Satellites has established partnerships with key satellite industry players, including:

      • Satellite Platform Manufacturers
      • Payload Manufacturers
      • Launch Providers
      • Insurance Brokers
      • Financial Institutions
      • Teleport Operators
      • Ground Segment Manufacturers

Additionally, in order to provide the orbit/spectrum resources which our projects will utilise, we have acquired, through the Cyprus government, the rights at twenty strategic geostationary orbital positions throughout the geostationary arc, and we are obtaining the rights at further orbital positions on a regular basis. These orbit/spectrum rights are one of the most important prerequisites for the manufacture and launch of a satellite, as they ultimately define the service area and throughput capabilities. A portfolio of such rights at more than forty orbital positions (which is our medium-term aim) will enable us to provide satellite coverage anywhere in the World.

Kypros Satellites has also evaluated and developed several optimised spacecraft designs, based on proven space technologies, further minimising the costs and associated risks for our projects. This, along with our low operating overheads, allows Kypros Satellites to enter the market at a breakthrough low bandwidth price, much lower than the current market trends, whilst remaining highly profitable.

Kypros Satellites is currently working on opportunities for enhancing connectivity in the developing regions of the World, which we firmly believe to be the critical area of satellite industry focus at the present time.