Partners & Customers

Kypros Satellites is always seeking to expand the scope of our strategic partnerships and customer base. We have several projects that are currently under way, however due to strict confidentiality requirements, we are currently unable to reveal any information on these projects and our partners, until after formal public announcements are made.

We are looking for further partnerships with suppliers of relevant high-quality products and services, who can offer us competitive proposals for future partnership on the execution of our solutions and offerings.

Kypros Satellites’ services & solutions are ideally suited for:

  • Governments
    • Civilian telecommunications infrastructure
    • Private and secure network infrastructure

  • Telecommunications Operators
    • Ultra-High Throughput links to/from remote areas
    • Low-cost, high-performance mobile backhaul connectivity for 4G+ network rollout
    • Business continuity / backup connectivity
    • International connectivity

  • Content Distributors
    • High-speed secure data transfer
    • Multicast networks

  • Financial Institutions
    • Secure, high-speed private network interconnecting branches, offices and headquarters
    • Backup connectivity / business continuity

  • Oil & Gas, Mining, Logistics and Shipping
    • Secure, reliable and high-speed connectivity for a large number of remote terminals, regardless of their location
    • Asset monitoring and tracking
    • SCADA Applications
    • Secure data transfer and syncing
    • Communications infrastructure tailored to the exact needs of the sector