Services & Solutions

Satellite Capacity on our own Satellites

Kypros Satellites is currently developing several geostationary Ka-band High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) projects to address the development needs of the Far East, Africa, Middle East and Latin America, with the goal of providing a global breakthrough bandwidth price, far lower than current market trends.
At this stage of the process, Kypros Satellites still has some flexibility on further optimising the spacecraft design for specific applications, as well as the exact coverage areas.
Kypros Satellites welcomes parties with long-term interests in these regions to provide their capacity, coverage and application requirements.



Provisioning of Space-based Infrastructure

Kypros Satellites offers its partners and customers the opportunity to purchase a satellite delivered in orbit, designed specifically to address their requirements as an infrastructure investment.

The scope of this service includes:

      • Programme management
      • Orbital position from our portfolio, optimal for the required coverage (subject to availability)
      • Spacecraft design and technical specification
      • Spacecraft manufacturing
      • Spacecraft launch
      • Insurance (launch and operations)

Additional services which we can offer include:

      • Procurement of ground segment equipment, optimised for the customers’ needs
      • Provisioning of gateways and ground control stations
      • Operational support
      • Support on project financing

Kypros Satellites’ spacecraft designs are optimised to provide a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of scenarios, such as:

      • Rapid deployment
      • National coverage
      • Regional coverage

Kypros Satelites’ customers receive the following benefits:

      • Cost-effective long-term satellite infrastructure
      • Full control over the satellites’ use and capabilities
      • Satellite design optimised for their requirements
      • Lower risk



Joint Ventures

Kypros Satellites is able and willing to contribute knowledge, experience, supply lines and assets for the development of mutually beneficial partnerships and joint ventures, and welcomes interested parties to provide detailed proposals for consideration as a basis for further negotiations.

The company is able to assist with:

      • Cost-effective satellite design, manufacturing, launch and insurance
      • Optimum ground segment configuration, supply and provisioning
      • Optimal orbital position for the desired coverage and spectrum requirements (subject to availability)
      • Business plan review and optimisation
      • Regulatory support
      • Financial support
      • Project management
      • Operations